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Are you ready to install a new fence on your property? A wide range of fence styles are found on residential and business properties throughout Lincoln and beyond, and they serve numerous critical functions. From chain link fences to picket fences in Lincoln and many other styles, Lincoln Fencing & Deck has the experience and skills necessary to deliver the results that you need to see.

Choosing the Right Fencing Style
You understandably have specific goals that you need to accomplish through the installation of your new fence, and choosing the right style is an essential part of achieving that goal. We want you to be completely satisfied with all aspects of your new fence, and we are ready to help you explore fencing styles that may work well for your property, your budget and your needs. With our extensive experience, we may be able to make a few suggestions that you have not thought of yet.

Selecting Quality Fencing Materials
We work with all of the fencing materials that our customers demand, including wood and steel. We also can install vinyl fence in Lincoln. Each material will impact your property in different ways. For example, a wood privacy fence in Lincoln and a vinyl fence may both offer the security and privacy that you desire. However, their cost and maintenance needs are significantly different. The materials as well as the style selected can impact property value and how easy it may be to sell your property in the future. When you request a fence installation quote from us for your Lincoln home or business property, we can help you to select the materials that are well-suited for the style of fence that you desire and that will meet all of your needs and expectations in the years to come.

Defining the Scope of your Fence Installation Project
As part of the installation process for new fencing in Lincoln, we will visit your property and assess the scope of the project. This includes measuring the space and taking the lay of the land into consideration. Many other factors will impact the scope of your project, such as the need to build around fixed objects. These may include trees or other large obstacles. The placement and size of gates and other factors will be incorporated into the project plan. These factors will affect the final cost estimate that we provide to you, and you can always expect our team to provide competitive pricing for exceptional workmanship and quality results. We will work with you to ensure that the new fencing project complies with restrictions and regulations in the area. We can also support you the application process for your new fence.

Completing the Installation Work to Your Satisfaction
The process for installing fencing in Lincoln NE can begin when all plans have been finalized and any applicable permits have been obtained. Your property will be staked and outlined to define the placement of the new fence. Post holes will be dug, and the posts will be set. Depending on the type of fence that is being installed, support posts or panels may then be installed. Some fence materials should be sealed or painted to protect them from weather-related damage and to enhance aesthetics. Remember that this may need to be repeated annually for wood fences. Doing so may decrease the likelihood of needing wooden fence repair in Lincoln. Our team never cuts corners to save time, so you can feel confident in the integrity of the fence that we install on your property.

We are eager to learn more about your plans for the installation of a new fence, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to meet your needs. Regardless of whether you want to install a small picket fence around your backyard vegetable garden, you need to build a security fence around a huge commercial property or your needs fall somewhere in between, we can deliver the results that you need. Contact us today to begin planning the installation of your new fence.

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